Pressure Cooker Sealing Gaskets

Canning is a long standing tradition for many families. It is usually an activity that is carried out as the weather changes from hot to cool, and more particularly, in the fall. It can be an extremely rewarding experience to grow your own vegetables and create homemade recipes then preserve them for use in the future or when times are lean.

When it comes to thinking of gifts that people will enjoy, preserving jams and jellies and specialty items such as antipasto, salsa and spaghetti sauce tend to be a welcome alternative to boring old gift cards. The usual equipment for many people is a box of jars and a pressure cooker unit that is designed to hold a certain amount of jars. The pressure cooker boils the items at a high heat and seals the jars securely so that the ingredients that they contain stay preserved for several years.

Inside of the lid of the pressure cooker is a rubber seal or gasket which needs to be tucked securely into the edge of the lid. If this gasket is not inserted correctly into the lid, then it can be a complete waste of time and effort to try to prepare preserves because the jars will not seal if the lid of the pressure cooker has a faulty gasket.

Before you get started with your canning and preserving activities do yourself a favor and fully inspect your pressure cooker lid gasket. Check the gasket for cracks or imperfections and ensure that it is not dried out or brittle. Once you are certain that the gasket is intact, you can insert it into the lid and start your preserving process. In order to extend the life of your gaskets, remove them after you have completed your preserving and dry them carefully, storing them away until the next time they are needed.

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